About Us

QINGDAO CAPTAIN LABCARE SCIENTIFICA CO., LTD is a professional lab equipment and medical equipment manufacture and supplier which established in 2010. We specialize in design and developing lab freezers and medical refrigerators.

Our products can be applied in various medical institutions, chemical and military industries, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, scientific research institutions, laboratories in universities and some factories, electronics, piscatorial pelagic industries.

In order to serve our customers better, from 2020, we have increased our service scope. Now we not only produce low temperature cold chain equipment, but also invest in other laboratory equipment companies. Now we can also supply centrifuge, biological safety cabinet, clean bench, Incubator, oven, chamber, water bath, shaker, recirculating chiller and so on.

We are passionate about providing latest and improved products with continuous research and development so as to provide best product experience and service for our customers worldwide.

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