What is ULT freezer

26 Apr 2021

Ultra-low temperature freezers, or ULT freezers, range between -30 and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re used for the storage of drugs, tissue samples, enzymes, and other biological materials.

ULT freezers have become essential for clinical environments. Lab technicians in many fields consider them to be a vital part of their work and research.

Let us resume them below, thanks to our 50 years experience in the field and our collaboration with some of the most important laboratory researchers throughout the world.


Two versions are generally available: upright freezer or chest freezer with access from the upper part. The most common one is the upright version, as laboratories are increasingly looking to save space to make it easier to move around.


The internal storage volume of the low temperature freezer can start from an internal capacity of 200 litre up to a maximum capacity of 800 litre. Some manufacturers, including FDM, can provide customized volumes on requests.


The Ultra freezer has shelves on the inside where research samples are placed. Each shelf is closed by an internal door so to maintain the temperature as uniform as possible on the shelves where no sample is removed or placed.


The insulation is an essential part of the Ultra freezer. This polyurethane insulation is free of polluting substances and it is designed to keep the cold stored inside the cabinet, between the external and internal walls. The high insulation coefficient keeps the temperature stable inside the cabinet for hours.


The gasket seal is positioned all along the perimeter of the freezer cabinet. It seals the freezer cabinet when the access door is closed. The most efficient ones are silicone quadruple-step seals, which guarantee even greater temperature stability.

Access door

The main access door also insulated with polyurethane, guarantees to keep the cold, being blocked by an external closure generally fitted with a safety key.


More practical freezers are equipped with swivel castors at the bottom, to facilitate movement inside the laboratory.


The best freezers are equipped with an electronic PLC controller, and a display that indicates freezing parameters. The entire control system is generally equipped with a back-up battery, which ensures that the digital temperature display works even in case of power outages.

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